Multiple awards for Confiserie Riegelein

Five DLG gold and five silver medals received by the Cadolzburg-based company in recognition of its outstanding product quality.

Cadolzburg, 6 January 2010
All good things come in tens! This year, the food testing centre operated by Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) has awarded no less than ten medals - five gold and five silver - to Confiserie Riegelein. Consequently, the mid-size family-run company based in Cadolzburg has once again impressively demonstrated its status as a producer of seasonal chocolate articles of outstanding quality. DLG's leading Europe-wide quality audit of pastries and confectionery examined over 20,000 products this year, submitting them to extensive sensory analyses. The jury considered the careful selection of the ingredients and optimum processing and craftsmanship to be the principal criteria for assessing the quality of the products.

Gold awarded for chocolate cups and selected seasonal articles
Made from extra-fine delicate dark chocolate, Confiserie Riegelein's chocolate cup was the winner of gold this year! These award-winning cups provide the inspiration for countless dessert ideas and are enjoying growing popularity on the part of consumers. The jury was also impressed by the 250g Christmas mix filled with delicious full-milk chocolate figures and jelly and nougat-filled crispy bars, awarding the product with gold. Gold medals were also awarded in recognition of the top quality of the box of ten Father Christmas figures (125g) and the box of ten Easter bunnies (125g), both of which are made from fine full-milk chocolate (massive), as well as the 100g bags of hollow Father Christmas and Easter Bunny figures. The full-milk Father Christmas and Easter Bunny figures (200g) decorated with white and dark chocolate were also amongst the winners of gold.

"The medals - including one or even two in all key seasonal segments
- impressively vindicate our golden rule of never accepting any compromises in the quality of our chocolate products. At the same time, they provide us with added incentive to continue supplying our customers with products featuring original shapes, colours and figures and exhibiting outstanding quality in the future," says Peter Riegelein, manager/shareholder of Confiserie Riegelein.

With a range of over 750 different figures and shapes, Confiserie Riegelein is a specialist in innovative seasonal articles and one of the European market leaders in this segment.

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