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Confiserie Riegelein presents innovative Easter concepts

From Fairtrade through MinusL to new design products

Cadolzburg, October 2011
Confiserie Riegelein, one of the leading producers of seasonal chocolate articles, will be showcasing its innovations for Easter 2012 at the Anuga trade fair scheduled to be held from 8 - 12 October. Highlights include the first Fairtrade Easter assortment as well as the only lactose-free MinusL range of bunnies, eggs and chicks. In addition, the Cadolzburg-based family company sets new design trends with new "BE HAPPY!" products and the 225g lifestyle figure "Sunny Bunny". Other bite-sized 5g Minis will also create additional purchase incentives.

Sustainable trend: Fairtrade
Sales of Fairtrade products are rising continuously in Germany. The com-pany managed to boost sales roughly by a further 30% in the year 2010. In order to meet strong consumer demand during the holiday season, Confiserie Riegelein has completely converted its range of hand-decorated confectionery articles to Fairtrade. A total of five different products will carry the Fairtrade label at Easter for the very first time. "With our new Fairtrade range we would like to contribute towards spreading the Fairtrade concept. Assuming responsibility and improving the living and working conditions in producing countries by fixing minimum prices (among other factors) is important to us," emphasizes Peter Riegelein, Managing Shareholder of Confiserie Riegelein. The products offered include three different Easter bunnies (100g, recommended retail price € 2.49, 200g, recommended retail price € 3.99, 500g, recommended retail price € 7.99), an egg (200g, rec-ommended retail price € 3.99) and a chick (150g, recommended retail price € 3.49) made of white, full-cream milk and delicate dark chocolate (available in two display sizes consisting of 41 and 78 units).

MinusL: Lactose - simply "eliminate" it
In Germany, about one fifth of the population suffers from lactose intoler-ance. To offer this target group carefree culinary pleasures at Easter, Rie-gelein is now launching the first lactose-free Easter range. Together with Omira, the market leader for lactose-free products, they will offer MinusL bunnies (75g, recommended retail price € 2.79), eggs and mini bunnies in a clip bag (96g each, recommended retail price € 3.29) and an Easter as-sortment (111g, recommended retail price € 3.29). In the production of Mi-nusL chocolate, lactose is simply eliminated by a special technological process, thus affording guilt-free chocolate indulgence. A display floor stand with 102 units is specifically available for small-scale outlets and a ¼ pallet with 212 units for large-scale outlets.

Premium lifestyle products for premium sales revenues
Under the motto of "Chocolade Creativ", Riegelein is one of the trendsetters in the market. The innovative "BE HAPPY!" design range will be extended to include new "dreams come true" gift sets (108g, recommended retail price € 3.99), flame eggs (350g recommended retail price € 6.49) and decorated Easter eggs (240g, recommended retail price € 4.99). Again, two display stands are available for small-scale and large-scale outlets (69 and 105 units, respectively). Impulse purchasing will be boosted by the new 225g lifestyle figure Sunny Bunny made from the finest of full-milk chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 33% (225g, recommended retail price € 4.99). Hand-painted decorations made from delicate dark and white chocolate and an attractive gift box are additional characteristics of this cheeky bunny with its cute floppy ears. Riegelein Minis are also becoming a great hit: the cute 5g figurines meet the consumer trend towards small but exquisite pleasure and will be launched at the Anuga as cuddly bunnies and Easter chicks (100g, recommended retail price € 1.99).

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