Confiserie Riegelein the winner of the 2016 Fairtrade Public Choice Award

Cadolzburg, 29 January 2016
Since 2011, Confiserie Riegelein has been pioneering the use of Fairtrade cocoa. As the market leader for seasonal chocolate articles, it considers sustainability as an important part of its corporate mission. As well as this, it is a subject which is very close to the hearts of the company's founding family. And now its many years of commitment have been acknowledged: on 15 January, Confiserie Riegelein won the online vote for the 2016 Fairtrade Public Choice Award. "We are thrilled that more and more people appreciate our commitment to Fairtrade and share it with us," says Peter Riegelein, owner of Confiserie Riegelein. Over the last few years, sustainability has evolved from being a niche concern to become an important purchase criterion. It is precisely on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas that many consumers attach particular importance to values such as quality and fair trade and therefore deliberately opt for products bearing sustainability program logos. "More and more consumers realise the value of fair trade and fully support it. Our seasonal products with the Fairtrade-Cocoa-Program logo are meeting with a very favourable response," says Michael Gahbauer, Vice President Marketing and Sales of Confiserie Riegelein. “However, it is not only final consumers but increasingly also retailers who applaud our commitment."

The longstanding partnership with Fairtrade began in 2011, when the Cadolzburg-based family-owned company used Fairtrade chocolate for its hand-decorated articles in the German market for the first time. At the start of the Fairtrade-Cocoa-Program in 2014, Riegelein was one of the first participants, setting itself the goal of covering all its requirements from the Fairtrade-Cocoa-Program by the beginning of the 2016 Christmas season. This makes Riegelein the first larger brand-name chocolate producer to produce the more than 750 branded products which it distributes in Germany and in more than 50 foreign markets using solely Fairtrade cocoa.

"Fair trade will be a key concern for the future for which each company must come up with a responsible and sustainable solution in its particular area of activity. We are committed to offering products which are manufactured with ecological, economic and ethical responsibility in order to actively support the principle of fair trade," underlines Peter Riegelein.


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