Confiserie Riegelein: Sustainability strategy continued with the BIO-FAIRTRADE collection

Innovative new products at ISM 2017 now also with the BIO seal

Cadolzburg, 29 January 2017
The Riegelein Confiserie company strengthens its role as a pioneer in sustainability in seasonal chocolate products and presenting its first BIO-FAIRTRADE collection for Christmas and Easter. This collection bears the FAIRTRADE seal confirming that the cocoa, cane sugar and vanilla have been sourced from Fair Trade. The BIO seal guarantees that all ingredients have been derived from ecologically controlled farming. The observance of these ecological criteria marks the next step in the seasons' article specialist's sustainability strategy. Thus, all articles under the "Riegelein" brand for the 2017 Easter season have now been converted to fairly traded cocoa. "Our fair trade range is a great success and perfectly matches the preferences of the modern consumer. With our BIO-FAIRTRADE collection, we strive to continue our sustainability strategy," explains Peter Riegelein, owner of the Riegelein Confiserie company.

In addition to design classics such as the foil wrapped 75g Santa and the cute mini chocolate Santa Clauses in a gift box (125g), the Santa in cellophane (100g) also features the BIO seal. An absolutely new product is the hand-decorated Confiserie Angel with the BIO seal (125g), which with its star-covered robe and hymn book ushers in a festive spirit and sets the spotlight on Riegelein's creativity and flair for seasonal trends. During the ISM Fair 2017, Confiserie Riegelein will present Easter mini bunnies in a gift box (125g) with a BIO seal, making an ideal gift for Easter. They are joined by the classic foiled Easter Bunny (75g), a Confiserie Easter Bunny (100g) and a smaller 50g version of the Confiserie Easter Bunny. All products in the BIO collection come in a natural green packaging.

At the upcoming ISM show, Confiserie Riegelein will not only be presenting BIO-FAIRTRADE items but also new products for Christmas 2017 and Easter 2018 (Hall 3.2, Stand C11/E10). These include, for example, the new licensed Emoji Advent calendars, two Advent calendars featuring a snowman and various Christmas figures as well as assorted bags containing chocolate eggs and cones with new grammage. Alongside these new products, the innovative company will also be presenting a number of its classics such as Glimmering Stars and Napolitains in a new design. With the continuous development of product novelties and quality improvements, Confiserie Riegelein ensures that its retail partners will benefit from steady seasonal sales.

Confiserie Riegelein being a specialist for "creative chocolate" and, with over 750 different articles, boasts one of the widest ranges in the market, is the first leading supplier of seasonal chocolate articles to fully convert its entire range to fairly traded cocoa. This reflects the Cadolzburg based family owned company's commitment to fair trade conditions such as stable and firm minimum prices and fair working conditions.

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