Award-winning quality chocolate from Riegelein

Our chocolate is continually subjected to the strictest controls.
Our chocolate is continually subjected to the strictest controls.

They say that it is the intrinsic value which counts. This also applies to chocolate, of course. When a colorful shape cuts a good figure, then you know that it is Riegelein quality chocolate! For the production of our own chocolate mass, the best is only just good enough for us. Only the finest select raw materials such as choice cocoa, cocoa butter, full-cream milk and sugar are processed and continually undergo the strictest controls. This is how we ensure the highest quality.

First-class ingredients call for gentle processing. The most modern conching and rolling equipment with a high degree of care for the Riegelein figures, which are mainly made from full-cream milk chocolate to achieve a delicate glaze is one of Riegelein’s hallmarks. Our fine milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 33% is very popular.

And since you can never have too much good quality, we invest continually in new production and manufacturing technologies. In this way, traditional craftsmanship and high-tech forge a perfect symbiosis.

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International Food Standard, Higher Level

To mark the commencement of the Christmas 2011 season, Riegelein is systematically applying the Fairtrade standards to its hand-decorated confiserie articles. The Fairtrade mark is an independently controlled product seal certifying that the international Fairtrade standards have been met. It focuses on the people of the south and specifically supports small farmers and labourers in the developing countries, helping to strengthen their position in the global market.

The Fairtrade label guarantees that the raw materials used in the manufacture of chocolate products have been farmed in accordance with good ecological and economic practices and are traded ethically. Defined minimum prices for the purchase of cocoa provide a solid economic basis and long-term potential for farmers in the exporting countries. In this way, their living and working conditions are improved and developed on a sustained basis. By paying an additional Fairtrade premium, which is used to fund non-profit community projects, it is also possible to invest in health, schooling and the environment. The quality of the chocolate also benefits from such factors as quality checks and on-site training, e.g. on fermentation techniques, as well as a greater variety of crops and higher-yield harvests.

More information can be found on www.fairtrade.net